Your support is crucially needed for the Cancer Patients Support Association (POLA) to be able to successfully pursue its activities.

We are inviting everyone to become a sponsor of the Cancer Patients Support Association (POLA) in various forms of support and help the team of the Association to fulfil its tasks.

  1.  You may make a donation to the project ‘Getting Better Together Is Easier’ which aims at improving the quality of life for cancer patients by reducing their financial burden, giving them good emotions and positive attitudes, demonstrating public solidarity, support and assistance so that cancer patients finally feel being fully-fledged members of the society because getting better together is easier.

2.  You may make a donation at the portal or by sending SMS with 1230 in the text box to number 1405. The price of SMS is €1.45 (the amount donated is €1.09). For further information about the project and other options of donation see here or go to our web site.

In order to contribute, in one way or another, to the activities of the Association, you may do any of the following:

  1. Dedicate some of your free time by becoming a volunteer and take part in the events and campaigns organised by the organisation.

2. Draft and implement joint projects.

3. Provide support to the organisation by products, services of your company or organisation or other means required by the Association.

4. Allocate in the period from 1 January to 1 May, 2% of your paid personal income tax for the benefit of the Association.

5. Transfer cash to the following bank account of the Association:

Account No LT 63 7044 0600 0779 8055

AB SEB bankas, bank code 70440

Beneficiary: Cancer Patients Support Association (POLA)

Company number 302704554

Thank you for your help and support!