With a view to attaining its objectives, the Cancer Patients Support Association (POLA) engaged in project activities.

During its short existence, POLA initiated and is successfully implementing the project of translation and production of information materials, which was made possible with the support of the British Embassy and Vilnius Old Town Rotary Club. For the translation of the publications ‘A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Cancer’ and ‘Understanding Cancer Of Unknown Primary’ from the English language, a cooperation agreement was concluded with the British organisation Macmillan Cancer Support. In June 2014, POLA and Cancer Choices, NGO of Northern Ireland, presented the results of their successful cooperation – 8 bilingual leaflets on cancer prevention, which were prepared on the basis of Cancer Research UK’s publications – at the Parliament of Northern Ireland.

Information materials were distributed among POLA members and cancer information centres in Lithuania, where they are freely available to all cancer patients and their families.

Currently, the Association is implementing the POLA card project

The POLA card project has as its objective the development of a single card for loyalty and discount programmes of POLA and its partners, i.e. service suppliers and sellers of goods with whom POLA has signed service agreements with regard to POLA cardholders. As cardholders, cancer patients will enjoy our partners’ discounts and privileges and participate in their loyalty programmes.

Financial assistance and support for the project was provided by The Tiltas Trust, companies Novartis, Roche, Janssen and AbbVie.

It is planned that a training project targeted at members from cancer patient societies, for which support is currently being actively sought, will be launched in the near future.

The aim of the project is to build cancer patient capacities to defend cancer patient rights through the development of the NGO network.

Looking to the future, POLA will put efforts to develop the activities of the existing cancer information and support centres and contribute to the establishment in Lithuania of new support centres, which would provide comprehensive information and support to patients, their families and a variety of regional patient support organisations and bodies.

Everyone willing to take part in POLA project activities is welcome to contact POLA Director Virginijus Šaulys.