In the face of diagnosed cancer, a person would turn inwards rather than share his/her experiences and fears with other people. Yet, this is not helpful in any way, on the contrary, isolation but aggravates the psychological condition of the patient, leading to depression and frustration. At this moment, psychological assistance and support of other people are crucial. Specialists believe that family relationships and interaction with other persons with a similar fate in psychological self-help groups are also highly important to cancer patients.

The Cancer Patients Support Association (POLA) invites people with a similar fate to organise themselves in a single community and overcome cancer with joint effort.

The Association brings together more than ten organisations actively engaged in the area of cancer patient support and encourages new cancer patient communities to join its members.

If you are willing to take part in the activities of such self-help groups, share your thoughts and experiences or success stories with your peers, DON’T STAY ALONE – join the communities of cancer patients and their families.

For further advice on creating a new self-help group or community in your location, please contact Cancer Information and Support Centre in Alytus, by phone 8 641 11 641 or e-mail